Monday, May 12, 2008

Patrick Phillips is a fabulous poet.

By Patrick Phillips

After the biopsy,
after the bone scan,
after the consult and the crying,

for a few hours no one could find them,
not even my sister,
because it turns out

they’d gone to the movies.
Something tragic was playing,
something epic,

and so they went to the comedy
with their popcorn
and their cokes,

the old wife whispering everything twice,
the old husband
cupping a palm to his ear,

as the late sun lit up an orchard
behind the strip mall,
and they sat in the dark holding hands.


Leon said...

Judith - this poem brings back some very sharp memories. About 6 years ago, on the day my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, we went to the movies, skipping a party to which we had been invited. We saw "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and laughed ourselves to tears. It was incredibly cathartic.

My wife has now been cancer free for over 5 years. That film helped us get through the scary times and recognize how important early diagnosis and treatment are. Life goes on and life is good! THANK YOU! :~)

Mage And George said...

Yes, yes, yes.......laughter helps so much. Thanks for this poem.

Judith Shapiro said...

thanks for your comments. truly.