Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am Sad

I am sad.
I am sad that people,
Old people,
Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters,
Uncles and aunts
Live out their dying days in nursing homes.
I am sad that
Mr. James walks up and down the corridors
Alarm attached to his ankle
Pushing on every door
Searching for a way out.
I am sad that
Muriel called her adult children too many times last night.
They called the nurse to complain.
I am sad that
Gretchen packs her bags each night and waits for her children to come to take her home.
And Dot wanders the halls for hours until a nurse orders up a sedative.
Dot is agitated she says
But really Dot is just an annoyance
Causing anxiety in her caretakers.
As their surrogate she'll take the sedative for them.
I am sad that
Marge died alone,
And Selma never gets to have a bread stick or a biscuit in the afternoon.
Mr. Powers sits in a chair on the far edge of the room while the young woman raises her arms up and down leading the exercises.
She hollers encouragement in a sing song voice
American patriotic music blaring
His eyes are closed tight, his face in anguish.
I am sad
That he is sad.


Eric Valentine said...

I love the way you wrote that up.. It certainly expressed the situation perfectly..

We are going through much the same thing right now. It must be that time of the year..

Great poetry.. :)

Alice said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful - Chris

Anonymous said...

I am not as sad , even though it is sad...the reason being the older you get the faster the train moves, these elder moments though painful are just momentary cogs in the cycle
and by nature of the eternal design necessary

Margaret said...

It certainly can be sad....your writing is tender and descriptive..I enjoyed the piece very much....Being an elder, I identify....Will be back soon to read more.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful poem. Your words touched me.

Judith Shapiro said...

Thanks. I'd almost forgotten all about these words.

lechatbon said...

Beautifully expressed. Thank you.