Friday, July 11, 2008

mc was a good fish.

mc was a good fish. He lived alone in a tank with a big hunk of wood and a device that made bubbles and he ate store-bought fish pellets twice a day. Baby liked to help feed him. She liked to eat his food and watch him swim. Sometimes she'd put her front leg (her arm, to me) into the tank up to the shoulder to try to reach him. She's our only cat that comes to the call, "Wanna feed the fish?" But mc died today. Jerzy and I put him in a tiny box and took him to the field tonight and dug a hole with a stick and buried him. We told him he was a good fish and we hoped he'd been happy. Jerzy said she'd get me another fish . . . a better fish, she said. What could be better than mc, I thought? Jerzy said my new fish will be blue. I'm gonna name him mc squared.


Eric Valentine said...

A Blue Gourami & other fish would go well in your tank. Aquariums are so restful to sit, watch and relax.

Maggie said...

Sorry you lost this old companion.

Lydia said...

We had a charming yellow-orange Beta named Sunrise. Special fish. When he died my husband thought to cremate him in our oven. He placed Sunrise's body on a piece of foil and turned the oven on to "clean." When the process was over and the lock unlatched we were amazed to find a perfect tiny ash representation of our former Sunrise. I put him in a pill box.
We haven't gotten another fish.