Saturday, July 12, 2008

A message from The Rev Billy

And I quote:
A headline in the papers said: Americans Stop Shopping. Can you believe this? It goes on to say: Discretionary retail spending is down six quarters in a row, big boxes in receivership, independent shops springing up...

So, the market is no longer a great shadow up in the elevator shaft that crashes down on us every time a rich person needs to leave home. The President told us that shopping was how we fight for our country - that we deserved this nationwide hypnosis - but then Americans Stop Shopping, and oh the freedom from that pain throws us forward into a delicious waltz of little everyday gestures, oh this feels good. Americans Stop Shopping, did anyone see this coming?

Yes, the corporations did. They were afraid we might stop at any moment but then we kept shopping for years and they started buying homes in the Hamptons, oh but feel that? Feel that shopping stop? Could we be fascinated again with the pharmacist couple that survived the chains? Were they Tony and Mary? Are the old first names returning to our shouts? Look at that! It’s a miracle. Our hands are changing - ungrabbing - returning to us from the credit cards and plastic-lid to-go cups...

Americans Stop Shopping and why does it make no sense to sit in traffic now - is it really just the gas? Because - see that? We are leaving our cars and trucks up on the interstate and wandering off across fields, suddenly I meet you after all these years! I remember you and I remember myself - from before all the shopping started. You know what? I’ve got a question for you.

Can you believe this headline? Americans Stop Shopping? We shopped too much because we were afraid of death but now that we stopped - the forests rise through the super mall roof and birds cry “I am here! I am here!” Americans Stop Shopping? Can we believe we are consuming less? - if we believe it then we can do it. Amen?

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Eric Valentine said...

Good post, makes a lot of sense. :)

Maggie said...

Leave me with a smile. I stopped real shopping at places like Macy's and Nordies about twenty years ago. Except for my size eleven shoes, I shop at thrift stores. I shop at mom and pop stores for groceries. I bemoan not being able to drive and take the two hours to go ten miles on the bus.

Alice said...

I rarely shop anymore other than for food and other necessities. Clothes, even shoes, I order online at greatly discounted prices and often with free shipping. One of the perks of getting older is that no one (which may be translated to mean "me, myself and I" )expects me to look great or in fashion anymore, as long as I'm reasonably groomed and my teeth are brushed and flossed and there's no dirt under my fingernails. Freedom! I'm all for Americans Stop Shopping!