Thursday, January 17, 2008

I love the blogosphere.

Here's what happens when I sit down to post on my own blog. I visit other blogs. One blog leads to another, which leads to another, eventually leading to a publication inviting me to sign up for daily e-mails (which I do, adding to all the other updates I get each day and actually read). After romping around on the blogoturf, I run into a video clip to watch on YouTube and you know where that leads.

After my whirl in the blogoocean my head is swimming with ideas, feelings, thoughts, and I want to read some book and watch a movie, and tell everyone about a fascinating concept. I'm also awash in outrage about injustice and brutalization of humans and animals; devastation of the planet; and all matter of "wrong" stuff. I want to change the world on so many fronts. But I'm stuck, lying down with my laptop on my lap, blogging.

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