Wednesday, January 9, 2008

TheWriter's AlmanacDoes it Again

"Sonnet for Mary" by Ralph Edwards

The old lady who's walking along Concourse A
Rather slowly in front of you, is making her way
To get on a plane to fly to Denver
Though she is in pain, she won't complain ever.
She walks all bent over. She's 91.
But her sister died and there's work to be done.
She must bury her sister and clean out the condo
And see to her niece who's retarded, sweet Rhonda.
There's a funeral to arrange, words to be said,
And her brother is useless, he's gone in the head.
Stuff to be cleaned out, a condo to sell,
And a 50-year-old child who can't care for herself.
She's an old lady who's needed out there.
She's heading for Denver on a wing and a prayer

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Chris Forbes said...

What a beautiful poem. It captures so well where we are. No rest for the weary.

The strange thing is that it seems an anomaly for a 91 year old to be taking care of the death of her sister, see her retarded niece and her useless brother, gone in the head.

In the best or better of worlds, all ages would live in community and those who are able would take care of those who aren't, with love and effection, regardless of age.