Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cats? Nope. Improv Everywhere at the Very Short List

I still haven't gotten to write about Animal Crackers or Music and then last night Chris showed me an article in the Science section of the Washington Post about cats. I'm always a little envious of others who post pictures of their own cats but I also am keenly aware that pictures of our cats are a lot like pictures of our babies - they're just, well, pictures of babies. The article in the Post was the chance I'd been waiting for - I can write about cats and have an excuse to post pictures of my own cats. Sweet. Then I checked my e-mail and the Very Short List newsletter was there.

Now, I've never met a musical I didn't like. I remember Mary Martin on Broadway as Peter Pan; Zero Mostel in Fiddler; the late Joe Hayes and his Surflight Summer Theater - watching summer stock on rickety iron fold-up chairs under a canvas roof that leaked in the rain. Every night Joe would introduce the show, ending with, "And now the houselights will slowly dim." - Click. Off. We'd all laugh. Everytime.

The Very Short List today was all about the group Improv Everywhere. You've undoubtedly seen or heard about them and their very cool stunts. This most recent feature is a Food Court Musical! My dreamworld. Check it out.

And, how about that picture of my cat. Poe points out, by the way, that this kitty's name is Baby.

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Alice said...

I feel the same way about musicals. And I'm glad you posted the picture of Baby. I enjoy seeing other people's cats now that I don't have any of my own.