Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My grandmother crocheted me a blanket.

Ever read Common Dreams? I do and I'm glad. Had I not read it yesterday I might never have known about the "Anti-War Grannies Arrested Trying to Enlist" This group of women, ages 57 to 80 from Grandmothers for Peace International, marched into an Army recruiting office in Atlanta and tried to enlist. They were protesting the war, and among other things, suggesting they go to Iraq so their grandchildren can come home and live to be as old as they are.

They were ultimately evicted and arrested. "Finally, the Atlanta Police Department showed up. “People have 10 seconds to get off the property because it’s private property or else you’ll be arrested immediately,” one police officer said through a loudspeaker.

Sylvia Carroll, one of the support grandmothers who did not get arrested responded, “We’re grandmothers — it takes us 10 seconds just to get our bones coordinated."

Grandmothers for Peace was founded in 1982 by the late Barbara Wiedner. It was the height of the cold war and in protesting against nuclear weapons Wiedner was arrested. "The media was captivated by the image of a grandmother risking jail in an effort to save the planet from nuclear annihilation! During my 5 days in jail, I realized that grandmothers have a very powerful and important role to play in the struggle to eliminate nuclear weapons from the face of the earth." The issues and work of the group has grown and the power of grandmothers grows with it.

Anyone can join Grandmothers for Peace International irrespective of age or gender. Men belong to the Men's Auxiliary. No need to actually have grandbabies either, although I, for one, have heard my grandmaternal alarm clock ringing for quite a while. With one lesbian daughter and Jerzy being only 16 I have a feeling I won't be getting my grandbabies any time soon. But I will be joining Grandmothers for Peace today.


Mage And George said...

You never know what's going to happen. By luck, two daughters gifted me with 14 grandkids.....nine adopted. They are all ours. And too, perhaps I am still a member of Another Mother For Peace. :)

Eric Valentine said...

Good post, a very interesting story, ya gotta give it to the old uns to get the wheel rolling.. :)