Tuesday, March 11, 2008

John Lowe, Ballet Dancer at 88

From the BBC News website. " **Ballet dancer, 88, takes to stage **An 88-year-old man is set to star in his first ballet show after taking up dance at the age of 79." Read the article here.

A few years ago I begrudgedly gave up playing soccer. I played as a kid and returned to it in my early thirties, progressing from Open division teams to Over-30 teams, then Over-40 and, finally, I joined the euphemistically named Grandmasters Over-50 division. Many of my friends still travel to California and Mexico to compete in over-55 tournaments. I miss them. I miss soccer.

Last week at the beach I played kick-the-can soccer on the boardwalk with Poe and for a brief moment fantasized that I could return to the field. Then I walked up the five short flights to our room and felt the complaints in my knees on every step. Dang. Okay, so maybe I can't play soccer. But I'm learning to hike and to actually enjoy it. And if John Lowe, Ballet Dancer, is any example, I've got a lot more to look forward to.

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