Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Different Story of Stuff

An on-line publication of the Worldwatch Institute. As long as you're gonna buy stuff, may as well pick out the least offensive stuff to buy.

Yesterday as I was feeling like things were out of whack, I figured I'd best self-medicate with chocolate and coffee. Kristara got me a yummy mocha at Starbucks, made with soy milk, since she's decided we're vegans this week. Then I checked out the section in this guide on chocolate and coffee and, low and behold, I pass with flying colors on my chocolate purchases. As for going to Starbucks for that mocha . . .

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Dorothea Johnson said...

I live in a townhouse community where Mondays and Thursdays are the designated "trash" days.
It never ceases to amaze me, particularly on Mondays, driving out of my subdivision on my way to work, the sight of what you can find at the curb: dozens of empty boxes that clearly housed the contents of whatever new material possessions my neighbors accumulated over the weekend. Next to the boxes, you see the items that these new contents are supposed to replace - vacuum cleaners, toaster ovens, children toys, you name it.
What aggravates me so is not so much the fact that my neighbors are always looking to upgrade their stuff. Whatever. But it kills me to see them dispose of perfectly good items just because they don't "look" the style anymore. It breaks my heart because I know that millions of people in this country go to bed hungry at night. And many more can use this stuff if anyone would take the time to donate it rather than dispose of it.
There is only one other time when the sight at the curb is even more disturbing. Ironically, that time is Christmas!