Saturday, December 22, 2007

Watermelon Love or Why I think Chris is a genius

Chris was talking about love and evolution (and religion and science, but never mind that) and she said, and I don’t quote her exactly, but here’s what I heard – The watermelon is the ultimate example of love and its role in survival of the species. Just look at the immensity of the flesh and protective skin that it develops to house, shelter and nurture its seeds.

Chris often speaks in metaphors. Discussing an affair that led to the end of a marriage, I said the woman involved was a catalyst. She said she was a can opener. A can opener!

I'm thinking of starting Metaphor-of-the-Day. I’ll have a conversation with Chris, make a note of whatever metaphor pops up, and send it on to avid subscribers -a cross between's daily word and Elder’s Meditation of the Day . This Native American meditation is sent by White Bison, an organization dedicated to helping Native Americans achieve wellbriety. Good stuff, and come to think of it, worthy of being noted somewhere less frivolous than with what follows.

Avery and I had a business idea several years ago and it appears that it's finally coming to fruition. Thing-of-the-Month Club. For a fee, we’ll mail an object to your designated recipient each month.

Let’s say it’s secret Santa time at the office and you pick the office mate who is practically a stranger. You’re at a loss for what to give them, but you have noticed that they keep a lovely selection of paper clips on their desk. We live to serve. For a nominal charge, each month we’ll mail them a new, different and exciting paper clip. Got a friend who’s into making rubber band balls? Every month they’ll receive a new rubber band. Don't know what to give that aunt who's always losing her pencil? You get the idea.

And for Valentine’s Day, for the ultimate expression of your love all the year ‘round, we’ll send a watermelon seed.

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