Sunday, December 30, 2007

Museum of Bad Art or I don't know if it's good but I know what I like

With school out and lots of folks on vacation it's a great time to visit museums. If you're in D.C., there is an Annie Liebowitz exhibit at the Corcoran. The National Gallery, diverse and wonderful, until tomorrow has The Art of the American Snapshot, 1888–1978: From the Collection of Robert E. Jackson. Can't make it? You can go on-line and look through the catalog that they so graciously post. In New York, my first choice is the Whitney and of course, there's always MOMA.

My personal favorite, however, is MOBA, The Museum of Bad Art in Dedham, Massachusetts, motto "Art too bad to be ignored". According to the website "Since 1994, the Museum of Bad Art has been dedicated to bad art. It is only through the efforts of the worldwide Friends of MOBA that we have been able to carry out our mission: to bring the worst of art to the widest of audiences" The collection is on-line.

This is truly the best, bad, laugh-out-loud art you'll ever see.

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