Monday, February 18, 2008

Aging Glass Art

I'm in the midst of hundreds of artists this week. Many I've known for over a decade. Aging is all around me. One of my friends has died. A fellow glass artist. When I saw her last year she spoke about turning 65, she questioned her work, her future. Her husband of forty years continues on in the business.

One of my customers can hardly contain herself telling me the story of an art show she helped to organize for residents of an assisted living facility. Another customer's daughter recently made partner at age 32. She's a trial lawyer, representing nursing homes. Most of the suits are brought by the adult children of residents. She spoke about her daughter's ideals and sense of integrity, of her need to feel good about what she does. We discussed the issue for a long time. It's not as simple as it may seem.

Another friend turned 65 last year. She doesn't need to make much money selling glass anymore. In fact, she can't make much money. She closes the studio for a few months a year now and she and her husband travel. She's always been lovely. She seems incredibly relaxed and happy. Lovelier than ever.


Chris said...

That is a very lovely vessel.
I never knew that artists aged too!

Mage And George said...

Chris didn't know that artists aged too.....ahhhhhh. My friends the painters, sculptors, weavers are still doing art one way or another. At 66 my art is words now...but color is still there yelling at me.

Judith said...

I don't see 'glass' among your labels - do you blog about your own work. I would love to see some of it, as I love glass too.