Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kerry Trueman writes an excellent article about cows.

From the Huffington Post - very good article about the mistreatment of cows by Kerry Trueman (website, Eating Liberally), No Cow Left Behind. We all know that factory farming of cows and chickens and turkeys and pigs and lambs in this country is obscene. We've seen the photographs of calves raised in boxes too small for them to move for production of veal. But hamburgers and bacon and pork chops and steaks are yummy, the stuff of our youth. Right?

When thousands of pounds of beef are recalled, it's done in order to protect humans from potential harm from eating meat, not to protect the animals that are being abused. The irony is that abusing "downers" and selling them for meat is business as usual in the beef industry. People eat them all the time, but when the Humane Society exposes it . . .

Perhaps the New York City school children who had to rough it with chicken and fish instead of hamburger ought to see the video. Now that would be an education.

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Anonymous said...

i, too, have been following this story, which is interesting, seing as i have known about these practices for years. it seems i may have to return to my meatless ways, which reminds me that we still need to go to sunflower. a side note- you may or may not have noticed on the eating liberally website, there is a mention of the book we discussed some weeks ago, "twinkie, deconstructed." apparently, it has come out in paperback. possible fodder for your single click shopping.