Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mom and Politics

My mother loved this sweater. She wore it for nearly 25 years. Same with the thin gold bracelet that I gave her for Mother's Day in 1978. She wore it every day until she died.

My mother also loved politics. She'd watch all matter of political television shows; sit for hours watching the returns on election night (She also watched the Ball drop every New Years and the Oscars.); could recognize any "famous" person on the street.

Unlike me, she was outspoken about her views. She had a particular dislike for George H.W. Bush and almost seemed personally offended by the very existence of his wife. It was with Mom in mind that I "came out" just the tiniest bit yesterday, indicating that my vote would be cast for the woman of my choice. I toyed with the term Obamanation, not because I truly think Obama is a bad choice at all, but because I was proud to have made it up. I'll most definitely vote for him if he wins the primary. I suspect I may be voting on issues of gender, age, innate intelligence, experience, and demonstration of my unflagging commitment.

I called my sister in California to see who she'd be voting for today. It turns out she'd already voted by absentee ballot - for Richardson. It was some sort of statement vote, she said. She asked a colleague if it was wrong of her and he said it wasn't nearly as bad as what he'd done a while back. He voted for Al Sharpton - He said, "Sharpton was the only candidate who mentioned poor people at all. Everything he said was crazy, but at least he mentioned them."

I don't know which one my mother would have voted for this year, Hillary or Obama. I suspect, as I do, she would have agreed with Chris. Either way, I think the choice would be okay.

About the bracelet I gave my mother. I removed it from her wrist when I took her to hospice. Four days later, I wore it as I lay in bed next to her, holding her hand, while the patient in the next room played loud rock music, on the last night of her life.

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Betty said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I didn't like George H.W. Bush, either. I felt he sold his soul in order to become Veep, and then again to be President.