Friday, February 15, 2008

Julia's first Albany

I doubt Julia would be proud of this poem, it being one of her earlier ones, when she first started studying poetry. But I'm her mother and I asked her if it was okay to post it and she said okay. In the same phone conversation she asked me if writers need chaos in their lives in order to be creative because she's the most prolific she's ever been right now, and also beside herself with chaos. I thought of Dashielle Hammet and Sylvia Plath and Raymond Carver but I don't think that's the kind of stuff she meant.

Julia's Albany

Remain silent. People make meaning out of nothing. The Jersey turnpike has familiar rest stops. The night sky is brighter by the city. I’m gonna get hammered tonight. In the name of the father. The bird outside my window won’t shut up. Self help books sell the best. State your points succinctly. I ate three tortilla chips and a latte. Unable to stand, she crawled through. Who are the inhabitants of these domestic spaces. This is just great. And I’ll probably sleep the whole way. I haven’t had my period since August. It disclaimed “results may vary”. Lots of kids hate reading. Everyone is getting robbed of something. This whole thing was a mistake. If you haven’t called by then. We died fighting for the two day weekend. Do you have change for a dollar. Copious. I forget all of my dreams. The purpose was educational. My sister “needed" ice cream. People get a busy signal calling 911. See. You should have the right to.

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