Sunday, April 20, 2008

At Long Last from The Museum of Bad Art

I bet I'm one of the few people in your crowd to receive the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA, motto - Art too bad to be ignored) newsletter. And I bet you're glad I do cuz it means you now get to read the following excerpt from it:

Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director Louise Reilly Sacco and Curator-in-Chief Michael Frank are proud to announce the release of "Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks", a handsome catalog featuring over 70 pieces from our collection.

This dignified hardcover book belongs in every library and on every coffee table in the English-speaking world. The small size (8.5”x6.25”) is convenient to carry on your person at all times, and the unbelievable low price makes it a beautiful and educational gift for virtually any occasion.

Though the official publication date is May 1, the book is now available through the MOBA gift shop. To thank you for your continued support, we have a special pre-publication offer during the month of April.

Not only will you be the first in your crowd to have this book, but your copy can be autographed by the authors at no extra cost!

And, to make it even better, you'll be charged only $3 for shipping, no matter how many copies you order. Think about that; order 30 copies and you've paid 10¢ each for shipping! Order 300 and it's 1¢ each!

I've yet to receive my copy so I can't say for sure, but my guess is this book is gonna be wonderful. As an artist I've made some pretty bad art over the years, nothing good enough for jurying into the museum. Most of my bad art is worth ignoring, or in my case, breaking up with a sledge hammer, which I gotta say, can be quite a lot of fun. I wonder if MOBA would be interested in some really bad jewelry. Last night Matt and I entertained ourselves by pawing through a drawer full of some of our creations that didn't quite make it. We also made the beginnings of glass dog bones and Froot (sic) Loops - glass that'll be too good to eat.


Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for spreading the word about our Museum and the new book. Let's remind your readers that they can see our online museum, buy the book, and sign up for our newsletter at

Yours in bad art,

Louise Sacco
Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director
Museum of Bad Art

Mage And George said...

Imagine someone making a fuss about bad art. I cannot tell you the bad art of mine that I've thrown away or gotten rid of, and remember Baldasari took all his pre 66 works out in a field and burned them. Maybe all our bad art should have been sent to this museum. How hilarious.