Thursday, April 10, 2008


I would like to lay out my plan to form the Neo-Gideon Society. The idea is, that upon staying in a hotel, we each leave our own personal "bibles" in the drawer next to the bible (and in Marriott-owned hotels, The Book of Mormon) placed by the Gideon Society , not to be confused with The Gideon Project, an admirable group dedicated to a very different kind of evangelism - Justice. In their words:

The Gideon Project funds initiatives that protect the rights of individuals at all levels of the criminal justice systems. The Gideon Project's grantees move issues through research, advocacy, and direct representation. The project has three funding priorities: achieving death penalty reform or abolition, improving public defense services, and combating racial profiling.

The Gideon Project is named for the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Gideon v. Wainwright, which established that everyone charged with a felony, whether wealthy or poor, has a right to legal counsel. The Gideon Project seeks to safeguard that right and to promote fair administration of justice. However, unequal application of laws, wrongful convictions and incarcerations, and an overburdened criminal justice system frequently thwarts the ability of the poor and marginalized communities to receive justice. Such systemic flaws compromise human and constitutional rights, while also undermine the foundation of a democratic society.
So, here's the idea - we take the leave-the-bible idea from the Gideon's and Social Justice from The Gideon Project and Voila! The Neo-Gideon Society. Slip that book into the drawer before you check out of your hotel. Leave good ideas behind for the next person.

Just yesterday I received a new book which looks as if it has potential to achieve bible status in my world - Bringing Nature Home, How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens, by Douglas W. Tallamy. I got it to share with Chris and when I started reading it my first thought was, Uh Oh, I don't think I can share. It's going on the bible shelf next to, duh, Michael Pollan's books, and Jeffrey Sachs' books, and Bill Thomas' and Billy Collins' and on and on.
I gotta buy more copies to leave in hotel drawers.

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