Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Contents of My Inbox

Many years ago I wrote a poem about the contents of my Blue Dresser Drawer. It included things like three straight pins; ticket stubs from various concerts, movies, plays, etc (described in detail, including relationship to companion at the event); seven buttons (three white from button down shirt, one faux tortoiseshell, 1 large black, 1 red, 1 small blue); matches (including description, of course); 1 black shoelace; etc. You get the picture.

Slow forward to today and I'm struck by the contents of my e-mail Inbox.

RE: [heathenhomeschoolers] Flying Spaghetti Monster in the Sky‏

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Raw Story Update - April 22‏ 4:17 PM 17 KB

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[Fwd: FW: Advocacy Alert: Tell Your Representatives to Vote for H.R. 5613

PFAW Activist Network Tell Senate: Correct the Court, Support Fair Pay‏

Friendly Reminder: RSVP for Networking Dinner--Friday April 25

AlterNet Headlines Evangelical Pop Culture | 8 Reasons Environmentalism Is Unavoidable | Is Privacy Obsolete?‏

Doctor Dictionary lionize: Dictionary.com Word of the Day‏

WhiteBison.org Daily Meditation Elder's Meditation of the day April 22

Barnes & Noble 25% Off Coupon Inside‏

The Writer's Almanac The Writer's Almanac for April 22

Salon Newsletter Today in Salon: The epic battle for Pennsylvania‏

Media Matters for America Media Matters Daily Summary‏

Common Dreams News & Views | 04.21.08‏ Yesterday

Kathleen Vermazen/Women's Media Center Women Don't Ask? No, Employers Don't Pay by Ellen Bravo‏ Yesterday

And that ain't the half of it. Yours?


Mage And George said...

I spent all morning while waiting for the dentist to call answering email. One remains. Two from the local newspaper en re obit, 3 en re Duck's death, about five meeting posts, Amazon about Ocean Liner books, two cruise posts, and 4 exchanges with my husband when it looked like I wasn't to get my new front teeth today.

Not one political thing. I love it. One or two real emails to friends, and a lot of stuff about junque and our condo board.

Life isn't boring.

Anonymous said...

You win! Although I do see some similarity there. But I'm not surprised about that at all.

I did want to tell you that a few days back I followed a link you posted for Johnny Lee and wound up with a wonderful clip of his whiteboard creation for only $40.00. I also shared it with our Tech Director who has challenged our high school students to make it work. Pretty exciting stuff. Thanks!

Alice said...

Well I thought mine was bad, until I read yours down to the last one! I mark most of mine like these "spam" and click send. Don't know if it helps, but it makes me feel vindicated.