Monday, April 21, 2008

My Mommy's Boobs are Bigger than Your Mommy's

Have you read about the new children's book, My Beautiful Mommy? It's designed for little ones, the 4 to 7 year-old set, whose Mom's are having plastic surgery - tummy tucks (euphemism for having chunks of fat and skin cut out of the abdomen); nose jobs; breast implants; you know, typical Mommy things to do. The idea is that Mommy will have surgery, which could otherwise be scary, but this particular kind of surgery isn't because she's sick, it's because she's going to end up prettier, so everything will be okay.

Lots of people are writing about it. Jezebel's post is titled Our Boob Jobs, Ourselves. The Feminist Peace Network's post is titled Mommy Gets A Tummy Tuck - Sure To Be A Children's Classic. In Alex Leo's review on 23/6, she includes her own creative spin offs - My Strict Mommy, My Thirsty Mommy and My Popular Mommy, complete with pictures of Mommy with a belt for roughing up black-eyed baby; martini-glass-holding Mommy; and near-nude Mommy. She says she expecting a call from the publisher, Big Tent Books soon.

The interesting thing about Big Tent Books is that it is a vanity press. According to Making Light, the "award-winning" books that Big Tent Books publishes get their awards from their other company, Dragonpencil. But for a three-page review in Newsweek, My Beautiful Mommy would have gone unnoticed, like it's counterparts at Big Tent typically do. As it is, chances are good it's not going to end up in the classics section anytime soon, but somebody got lucky getting a review in Newsweek just before Mother's day. And it sure isn't Newsweek.

If you happen to click on the link to see what Big Tent Books has to offer, you might notice the shopping cart on the right with the words "Your cart is empty". I recommend that you leave it that way.

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